Programming IA Coverage

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Help DuckDuckGo become better at searching your favorite languages and frameworks! Below is a table of potential Instant Answers (aka IAs) for programming-related topics.


  • y: Complete
  • t: In testing
  • d: In development
  • p: IA is complete but only covers part of the language (e.g. C++ strings)
  • blank: Needs a developer

Create a new IA (fill in a blank space):

  1. Locate a quality data source (like this or this) that can answer searches for that language/framework.
  2. Refer here for determining how best to utilize your data source.
  3. Use the developer docs and the help of community/staff to make a contribution!

Test and review a current IA (for a y, t, or d):

  1. Visit the IA's page by clicking the letter(s) inside a box.
  2. Click on the "Example Queries" to see the IA in action.
  3. Create an issue for bugs or suggestions with the "Create Issue" button on the IA page.

Note: A great reference for programming language docs is The source code also has many scripts for scraping the docs.

Name Cheat sheet Command/function lookup Package/library lookup Q&A / tutorials
Android p,p y
AngularJS y,y
AppleScript d
Arduino y
C y,p p
C# y p
C++ y,p,p y ,p
Clojure y y y
CoffeeScript y
Common Lisp
CSS y,y y,y
D3.js y
Django y,y
Elixir y,y d y
Elm y
Emacs Lisp
Erlang y d y
Fortran y
GNU Make y
Go y,y p
Groovy y
Haskell y y y
Haxe y y
HTML y y
Idris y,y d
iOS y
Interactive Java y
Java y,y y,p
JavaScript y,p,p,y y,p
jQuery y y
Julia y y
Latex y
Linux y y y
Lua y
MongoDB y
MySQL y y,y
Neko d,y,d,y -
NodeJS y,p,y y y
Objective-C y
OCaml y
Octave y
Perl y,y y,y
PHP y,p y y
PostgreSQL y
Powershell y
Processing y
Python y,p y y,p y
R y d
Raspberry Pi y,p
Redis y
Regex y y
Ruby y,p p y
Ruby-on-Rails y,y
Rust y y
Scala y
Shell y,y,y
Swift y y,p
Tex y
Xcode y