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An operating system.
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See awooOS for my current operating system related shenanigans!


Dux is an operating system in the process of becoming a microkernel. It was started in 2008.

NOTE: If you cloned this repository before July 11th 2017, you will need to re-clone it. I (@duckinator) modified the commit history to correct my name.


To compile dux you need:

  • GNU Make
  • A C compiler (clang is officially supported, gcc should work)
  • nasm (assembler)
  • ld (any linker which can link an elf binary should work)
  • genisoimage (or mkisofs)

It should compile on most UNIX-y systems, assuming the above dependencies are met. In theory.


$ cp
# Edit, if necessary
$ make


Released under the MIT license, see LICENSE for more information.

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