Duct module and router for the Ataraxy routing library
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Duct module.ataraxy

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A Duct module that sets Ataraxy as the router for your application.


To install, add the following to your project :dependencies:

[duct/module.ataraxy "0.2.0"]



To add this module to your configuration, add the :duct.module/ataraxy key. For example:

{:duct.core/project-ns foo
 :duct.module/ataraxy  {"/" [:index]}
 :foo.handler/index    {}}

The :duct.module/ataraxy key should contain a map (or list) of Ataraxy routes. See the syntax section of Ataraxy's README for more information on the format it expects.

The module uses the :duct.core/project-ns key and the result key to find an appropriate Integrant key at:

<project-ns>.handler[.<result key namespace>]/<result key name>

So in the above example, the project namespace is foo and the only result key is :index, so the module looks for a :foo.handler/index Integrant key.

If the result key was :example/index instead, then the Integrant key would be :foo.handler.example/index.

Similarly, the module looks for middleware at:

<project-ns>.middleware[.<metadata key namespace>]/<metadata key name>

For example:

{:duct.core/project-ns   foo
 :duct.module/ataraxy    {"/" ^:example [:index]}
 :foo.handler/index      {}
 :foo.middleware/example {}}


If you want more control, you can use the router directly, without the use of the module. To do this, reference the :duct.router/ataraxy key from :duct.core/handler:

 {:router #ig/ref :duct.router/ataraxy}
 {:routes     {"/" ^:example [:index]}
  :handlers   {:index   #ig/ref :foo.handler/index}
  :middleware {:example #ig/ref :foo.middleware/example}}
 :foo.handler/index      {}
 :foo.middleware/example {}}

You can also start with the module, and override parts as necessary:

{:duct.core/project-ns foo
 :duct.module/ataraxy  {"/" [:index]}
 :duct.router/ataraxy  {:handlers {:index #ig/ref :foo.handler/custom}}
 :foo.handler/custom   {}}


Copyright © 2017 James Reeves

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.