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ESP3212 Breakout Board.png
ESP3212 Eagle Package.png
ESP3212 Eagle Symbol.png
esp3212 breakout v1.brd
esp3212 breakout v1.sch


This is an Eagle library for the ESP3212 module. It's untested, but it's based on the diagram on Expressif's Taobao store.

I had to improvise for the pad sizes, so please let me know if it should be changed, or any other feedback.

If you've tested this and it works (or doesn't work) please tell me so I can post an update.

I also made a breakout board for it.

Eagle Symbol for ESP3212

Eagle Symbol

Eagle Package for ESP3212

Eagle Package

Breakout Board for ESP3212

Breakout Board for ESP3212

It's now available for sale here. I have them and I can ship within a day or two.