Validate the syntax of any JavaScript file in Sublime Text using Esprima
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JsValidate for Sublime Text

Check your JavaScript for syntax errors: Esprima with everyone's favorite text editor: Sublime Text

Prerequisites: EsValidate and Sublime Package Control

Mac OS X: Installing node with homebrew or macports is assumed. The path to esvalidate is hardcoded in this plugin as /usr/local/share/npm/bin:/usr/local/bin:/opt/local/bin. There is no reliable way to get the path from your environment.

Linux: Make sure esvalidate is in your environment path.

Windows: Installing node with the Windows Installer from is assumed.

Install esvalidate with npm

npm install -g esvalidate

Install JsValidate with Package Control in Sublime Text

  1. command-shift-P or control-shift-P in Linux/Windows*
  2. type install p, select Package Control: Install Package
  3. type JsValidate, select JsValidate

Note: Without Sublime Package Control, you could manually copy this project to your Packages directory as 'JsValidate'.

Run JsValidate on an active JavaScript file in Sublime Text

  • control-shift-V or Tools/Contextual menus or the Command Palette
  • F4 jump to next error row/column
  • shift-F4 jump to previous error row-column


  • Navigate to Preferences > Package Settings > JsValidate > Settings - Default.
  • To preserve custom settings:
    • copy default settings to Preferences > Package Settings > JsValidate > Settings - User
    • modify them to your requirements

Run JsValidate on save

By default, JsValidate does not run on save. To change, simply change the setting run_on_save for the project to true.

Error: unknown report format sublime.

Seeing this error means you are using an outdated version of EsValidate. Update to the latest version and this error should go away.

Blog Posts

I wrote some blog posts about creating this plugin and the esvalidate library here.