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Dumb Password Rules

A compilation of sites with dumb password rules.

⭐️ Now with a bot that periodically toots random rules!


New sites

Feel free to submit a pull request with dumb password rules you've encountered!

You can find more details in the contributing doc.

Note: If you found your way here and don't know what GitHub is or how to work with it, you can even just message me on Mastodon with your site and I'll get it in myself! Please include:

  • The name of your site.
  • A link to the page with the offending rule.
  • A screenshot of the rule.
  • A written description of the rule.

You can see what some of the other rules look like


Please also submit improvements, updates, or bug fixes to the site code! If you're unsue about your change, open an issue first to discuss.

You can find more details in the contributing doc.

Some of the wonderful contributors

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