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Library for GPU-related statistical functions
Python C C++
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gpustats is a PyCUDA-based library implementing functionality similar to that present in scipy.stats. It implements a simple framework for specifying new CUDA kernels and extending existing ones. Here is a (partial) list of target functionality:

  • Probability density functions (pdfs). These are intended to speed up likelihood calculations in particular in Bayesian inference applications, such as in PyMC
  • Random variable generation using CURAND


Installation and testing

To install, run:

python install

If you have nose installed, you may run the test suite by running:

import gpustats


import gpustats

Some development guidelines

  • Use spaces (4 per indent), not tabs
  • Trim whitespace at the end of lines (most text editors will do this for you)
  • PEP8-consistent Python style


Cliburn Chan cliburn.chan (at) Andrew Cron ajc40 (at) Jacob Frelinger jacob.frelinger (at) Wes McKinney wesmckinn (at) Adam Richards adam.richards (at) Marc Suchard msuchard (at) Quanli Wang quanli (at) Mike West mw (at)


Requires working PyCUDA installation

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