A way to run the LESS.js compiler in windows
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LESS.js for Windows

A standalone version of the LESS command-line compiler that will run on Windows with no other dependencies.

Consists of a standalone version of Node.js and the required less.js files/dependencies.


Download and extract the release ZIP and invoke lessc.cmd as detailed below.


Basic usage:

lessc  path\source.less  path\output.css

Compress CSS:

lessc  --clean-css  path\source.less  path\output.css

For full usage:

lessc -h


Previously the project used the Windows Script Host cscript.exe as its runtime. Over time this was proving to be diffcult to support as it was essentially using the browser-based version of less.js and stubbing out objects like window and document to mimic the browser environment. This version is still available in the windows-script-host branch.