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R interface to LLVM C++ API to be able to create compiled code from within R
R C++ Shell C LLVM TeX Other
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Paper cleaning up the package
R phi instruction. Other additions
TU enum defs for separate LLVM versions 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6
Web example about ptx updated to also include the direct generation
ctests moved to git
experiments function pointer example
explorations ...
inst documentation for everything, although just technically
man phi instruction. Other additions
src phi instruction. Other additions
tests start of interface to mangler
tools compute enum values for LLVM 3.5 for AttrKind
.Rbuildignore cleaning up the package
.gitignore minor updates
BuildingLLVM updates for new methods. Build RLLVMCompile for clang handlers
Changelog getSuccessors, etc. deals with a ReturnInst object which has no succe…
Classes moved to git
CodeGenFAQ.xml added new IR instruction generators - select/ternary, switch and test…
CompilerNotes updated cumsum timings
DESCRIPTION listed the additional files for the enums for different versions of LLVM
FAQ.xml linux info from fib
IRNotes updated cumsum timings
NAMESPACE phi instruction. Other additions
Notes generate C++ code added readme for github
ThingsToRemember ...
Todo.xml Mangler class; about to update for llvm3.6
UpdateLLVMVersion updates to compile with llvm3.6. Needs testing and some functionality…
VinceQues moved to git
cleanup R CMD check issues
configure incorporated Nick's suggestion to use llvm-config --system-libs for L… incorporated Nick's suggestion to use llvm-config --system-libs for L…
funcGroups.R added several functions
makePassCode.R code to programmatically read LLVM header files. Additional functiona…
simpleCall.R still trying to get the fgets example working
test.R sorted out the createGlobal and the initializer. See globalStringVar.Rdb
types.R moved to git


RLLVM is an R interface to LLVM. This interface allows one to create compiled code from within R through LLVM's intermediate representation (IR), which LLVM can then extensively and efficiently optimize.

For examples, see the RLLVM page on Omegahat.

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