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# Contributing

## License and Copyright Attribution

When you open a Pull Request to the project, you agree to license your code under the [GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE](../LICENSE)
and to transfer the copyright on the submitted code to [Kévin Dunglas](

Be sure to you have the right to do that (if you are a professional, ask your company)!

If you include code from another project, please mention it in the Pull Request description and credit the original author.

## Hub

Clone the project:
@@ -25,6 +34,14 @@ To run the test suite:

$ go test -v -timeout 30s

When you send a PR, just make sure that:

* You add valid test cases.
* Tests are green.
* You make a PR on the related documentation.
* You make the PR on the same branch you based your changes on. If you see commits
that you did not make in your PR, you're doing it wrong.

## Protocol

The protocol is written in Markdown, compatible with [Mmark](

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