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@dunglas dunglas released this Nov 7, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release


6451de9 Add @jderusse's http-broadcast and a german article (#186)
4cf9b87 Add Acme HTTP01 listening configuration
649d8cf Add FUNDING.yml
855e805 Add Support for RSA Algorithms (#156)
d81de82 Add a test. Fix a link.
f3b4867 Add flags support, switch to Cobra (#207)
195e987 Add missing quote for Windows
266c8d1 Add static code analyzer golang-ci
d8269b5 Added ca-bundle to final image (requried by ACME)
b8dd05a Change the default URL of the hub
f4d98ab Fix another header
c4c0c95 Fix broken link in Getting Started
358a6e6 Fix deprecated CloseNitifier interface
f84150d Fix header
d0e464c Fix typos
2cfb197 Improve spec consistency
1c0bc61 Mac OS Catalina Installation error -> add to note
068f74e Merge pull request #185 from castroCrea/patch-2
2573caa Merge pull request #189 from jrwren/001-well-known-hub-url
b83bed6 Merge pull request #192 from jderusse/acme-port
08518b3 Merge pull request #195 from dunglas/dunglas-patch-1
342c80a Merge pull request #197 from jderusse/golangci
3ccad8c Merge pull request #198 from jderusse/fix-deprecated
98c09aa Merge pull request #201 from dunglas/well-known
9aac679 Merge pull request #204 from Richard87/patch-1
904acdd Merge pull request #208 from dunglas/docs
ee9309b Merge pull request #209 from dunglas/docker
8eeda9f Refactor interfaces to ease Plugin integration (#193)
81febe4 Remove images from Catalina Installation Error doc
4a834cb Spec: fix ref to RFC3987
b4b4dd2 Support config files in JSON, TOML, YAML... and hot config reloading
f1f60f2 Update docs
af76086 Update the spec and the docs to use /.well-known/mercure
5b263a1 Use an abs link for the OpenAPI spec
10268ca Use distroless/static as base Docker image
7212669 update doc troubleshooting

Docker images

  • docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0.8.0
  • docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0
  • docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0.8
  • docker pull dunglas/mercure:latest
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