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TextWrangler/BBEdit plugin that adds support for .fountain files

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Fountain CLM for TextWrangler and BBEdit

Codeless Language Modules (CLMs) are plugins for TextWrangler and BBEdit that add syntax highlighting, code folding, and other capabilities for languages not natively supported by these programs.

Fountain is a plain-text syntax for writing screenplays. (The Fountain syntax is similar to that of Markdown, a general-purpose syntax.) Fountain files are designed to be very readable, but they can be easily converted to other formats (like PDF and FDX) using Fountain-friendly applications.

Nima Yousefi's regular expressions for Fountain have been very helpful while working on this project.


  • Syntax Highlighting: Scene headings, sections, character elements, transitions, comments, and other important aspects of the script are highlighted.

  • Scene Navigation: Scene headings and sections are tracked and collected in the function pull-down menu of the navigation bar.

  • Scene and Section Folding: Scenes and sections can be collapsed to save screen space.


If you're using TextWrangler, move fountain-clm.plist to ~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Language Modules/

If you're using BBEdit, move fountain-clm.plist to ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/

Restart TextWrangler or BBEdit to complete the installation.


TextWrangler/BBEdit plugin that adds support for .fountain files






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