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= Requirements
= Overview
This modules allows to configure sysctl.
= Usage
node "mynode" inherits ... {
sysctl::value { "vm.nr_hugepages": value => "1583"}
When setting a key that contains multiple values, use a tab to separate the
node "mynode" inherits ... {
sysctl::value { 'net.ipv4.tcp_rmem':
value => "4096\t131072\t131072",
It is preferred that you set your exec path globally. This is usually done
in site.pp and would look something like this (adjust for your environment):
# Set a site-wide global path so we don't have to explicitly specify a path
# for each exec.
Exec { path => '/usr/bin:/usr/sbin/:/bin:/sbin' }
= License
Copyright (C) 2011 Immerda Project Group
Author mh <>
Modified by Nicolas Zin <>
Licence: GPL v2
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