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This is a hexo theme
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Hexo-theme-snail is a succinct hexo theme. It has two colors, light and star, that can be set according to your own preferences in the settings, and also has the functions of sharing and commenting. More features are under development.


  • light color theme and star theme
  • diversified comment system
  • notice tips
  • sharing to other platforms (under development)
  • picture sharing (under development)

Quick Start

Install Hexo

$ npm install hexo-cli -g

Setup your blog

$ hexo init blog

Installation Theme

$ cd blog
$ rm -rf source
$ rm _config.yml package.json LICENSE
$ git clone
$ mv ./hexo-theme-snail/snail ./themes
$ mv ./hexo-theme-snail/* ./
$ npm install

Install Mathjax

To install Mathjax, please click for a detailed tutorial.

Install WordCount

npm install hexo-wordcount --save

See for detailed configuration method.

Set Theme

Modify the value of theme: in _config.yml

# Extensions
## Plugins:
## Themes:
theme: snail

Start the Server

$ hexo generate
$ hexo server



Replace the following information with your own.

# Site
subtitle: At the bottom of the well, it is destined to see only the sky at the wellhead. 
          However, the starting point only affects the process of reaching your peak and does not determine the height you reach.
author: Dusign
language: en

Site Settings

Put customized pictures in img directory.

# Site settings
SEOTitle: Hexo-theme-snail
description: "A hexo theme"
keyword: "dusign, hexo-theme-snail"
header-img: img/header_img/home-bg-1-dark.jpg
signature: true #show signature
signature-img: img/signature/Just-do-it-white.png

SNS Settings

If you don't want to display it, you can delete it directly.

# SNS settings
github_username:    dusign
twitter_username:   dusignr
facebook_username:  Gang Du
zhihu_username: dusignr

Sidebar Settings

# Sidebar Settings
sidebar: true                      # whether or not using Sidebar.
sidebar-about-description: "Welcome to visit, I'm Dusign!"
sidebar-avatar: img/ironman-draw.png      # use absolute URL, seeing it's used in both `/` and `/about/`
- featured-tags
- short-about
- recent-posts
- friends-blog
- archive
- category

# widget behavior
## Archive
archive_type: 'monthly'
show_count: true

## Featured Tags
featured-tags: true                     # whether or not using Feature-Tags
featured-condition-size: 1              # A tag will be featured if the size of it is more than this condition value

## Friends
friends: [
        title: "Dusign's Blog",
        href: ""
        title: "Dusign's Web",
        href: "#"
        title: "Dusign's Github",
        href: ""
        title: "Other",
        href: "#"


# Extensions
## Plugins:
## Themes:
theme: snail


# Deployment
## Docs:
  type: git
      github: github.repository.address
      coding: coding.repository.address
  branch: master


See for detailed configuration method.

# Comment
## This comment system is gitment
## gitment url:
  enable: false


# Tip
  enable: true
  content: 欢迎访问 <a href="" target="dusign">dusign</a> 的博客,
          <a href="" target="view_window" > github </a> 注册, 谢谢 !

Color Sheme

Set the enable value of the desired color sheme to true. If the value of is true, please modify the value of highlight_theme in ./themes/snail/_config.yml to night.

# Background effects
## If there is no effect after modification, please empty the cache and try again.
## ⚠️ The following special effects will take up a lot of cpu resorces, please open it carefully.
  enable: true
    enable: false
    color: 129,200,61
    pointColor: 129,200,61
    opacity: 0.7
    zIndex: -9
    count: 99
    enable: true
    content: '"🌱","just do it","🌾","🍀","don''t give up","🍂","🌻","try it again","🍃","never say die","🌵","🌿","🌴"'
    color: '"rgb(121,93,179)"
    enable: true

Visitor statistics

# Visitor statistics
  enable: true


run $ npm install hexo-generator-search --save then add the follow configure to _config.yml

## Search
  enable: true
  path: search.xml
  field: post
  content: true
  • path - file path. By default is search.xml . If the file extension is .json, the output format will be JSON. Otherwise XML format file will be exported.
  • field - the search scope you want to search, you can chose:
    • post (Default) - will only covers all the posts of your blog.
    • page - will only covers all the pages of your blog.
    • all - will covers all the posts and pages of your blog.
  • content - whether contains the whole content of each article. If false, the generated results only cover title and other meta info without mainbody. By default is true.

Error and Solutions

  • run hexo deploy with "ERROR Deployer not found: git" solution: npm install --save hexo-deployer-git


Hexo-theme-snail has added the article top function, just add the following content in the article head.

top: true

Color Theme

## Color Theme
### light , dark or star
color_theme: light



  • fix the bug
  • add search within site
  • top
  • image wave effect
  • sharing
  • add dark theme


  • change title font-family
  • add wordcount
  • add visitor statistics
  • fix the bug (categories not display)
  • replacing mathjax with marked


  • fix the bugs
  • add comment system
  • add notice tips
  • add star theme
  • add line theme (background effect)
  • add mouse-click effect


Apache License 2.0 Copyright(c) 2018-2020 dusign
hexo-theme-snail is derived from hexo-theme-beantech ,thanks YenYuHsuan.

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