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Implementation of Dusk Network privacy-oriented PoS protocol, aka Proof of Blind Bid
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Dusk Blind Bid Proof

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This tool Implements the Blind Bid Protocol, and includes a zkproof prover and verifier that can be used in a separate process from any other languages and platform that support *nix named pipes.

The named pipes are used for better performance in interprocess comunication.

It uses a custom, multithreaded version of dalek's bulletproofs in order to make the "fastest Bulletproofs implementation" even faster:

(On Intel® Core™ i7-8559U Processor, lower is better)

How to build

# avx-2 requires RUSTFLAGS="-C target_feature=+avx2"
$ cargo build --release

How to run

The zkproof prover and verifier process can run as follow:

$ cargo run --release

Or simply run the static executable once build.

How to test the IPC

The IPC can be tested via Go as follow:

$ cd go
$ go test -timeout 300s -run "^(TestProveVerify)\$" -count 1

As as the benchmark:

$  cd go
$  go test -benchmem -run=^\$ -bench "^(BenchmarkProveVerify)\$" -v
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