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A Timeseries Database

seriesly is a database for storing and querying time series data. Unlike databases like RRDtool, it's schemaless so you can just lob data into it and start hacking. However, it also doesn't use a finite amount of space. Tradeoffs.

Detailed docs are in the wiki.

Quick Start


To build the software, you need a go runtime installed. Preferably a recent one.


go get github.com/dustin/seriesly


Seriesly will use as many cores as you have to offer. Set the GOMAXPROCS environment variable to the number of cores (or hardware threads) you've got. There's a lot of fine-grained tuning you can employ to specify how to map the software needs to your hardware, but the defaults should work quite well.

Then just start blasting data into it. See the protocol docs for details on this.

More Info

My blog post provides an overview of the why and a little bit of the what. There's also a youtube video of me demoing the software a few days after the initial version hit github. It's matured a lot since then, but the core concepts haven't changed.