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A simple Symfony2 bundle to ease file uploads with ORM entities and ODM documents.
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The VichUploaderBundle is a Symfony2 bundle that attempts to ease file uploads that are attached to ORM entities, MongoDB ODM documents, PHPCR ODM documents or Propel models.

  • Automatically name and save a file to a configured directory
  • Inject the file back into the entity or document when it is loaded from the datastore as an instance of Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\File
  • Delete the file from the file system upon removal of the entity or document from the datastore
  • Templating helpers to generate public URLs to the file

All of this functionality is fully configurable to allow for app-specific customization.


For usage documentation, see:


If upgrading from a previous version, also check:


See the CONTRIBUTING file.


See the bundled LICENSE file.

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