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For more information about this package, please see:

If Byobu is not packaged for your Linux or UNIX OS, or if you do not have
administrative privileges in order to install Byobu, you may be able to
install locally, using the following instructions...

 0) If you pull the source from the upstream bzr or git:
      bzr branch lp:byobu && cd byobu
      git clone git:// byobu-src && cd byobu-src
      ./debian/rules autoconf
 1) Or download the latest officially released version from:
 2) Extract:
      tar zxvf byobu*.tar.gz && cd byobu*
 3) Configure:
      ./configure --prefix="$HOME/byobu"
 4) OPTIONAL: Use python from your environment, rather than from your distro
      echo "export BYOBU_PYTHON='/usr/bin/env python'" >> $HOME/.bashrc
 5) Build:
 6) Install:
      make install
 7) Update your PATH and BYOBU_PREFIX environment variables
      echo "export PATH=$HOME/byobu/bin:$PATH" >> $HOME/.bashrc
      . $HOME/.bashrc
 8) Run:

Note that you will need to have a few dependencies installed:
 * tmux >= 1.5 and screen
 * python-newt (if you want to use Byobu's configuration utility)
 * gsed (if your sed implementation doesn't support -i)

Dustin Kirkland <>
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