Matlab Environment for Deep Architecture Learning
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Matlab Environment for Deep Architecture Learning (MEDAL) - version 0.1

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  / \ / \ EDAL
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Model Objects:
	mlnn.m        -- Multi-layer neural network
	mlcnn.m       -- Multi-layer convolutional neural network
	rbm.m         -- Restricted Boltzmann machine (RBM)
	mcrbm.m       -- Mean-covariance (3-way Factored) RBM
	drbm.m        -- Dynamic/conditional RBM 
	dbn.m         -- Deep Belief Network 
	crbm.m        -- Convolutional RBM
	ae.m          -- Shallow autoencoder 
	dae.m         -- Deep Autoencoder 
To begin type:

>> startLearning

in the medal directory

To get an idea of how the model objects work, check out the demo script:

>> deepLearningExamples('all')

These examples are by no means optimized, but are for getting familiar with 
the code.If you have any questions or bugs, send them my way:

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