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##Garlic Google Analytics Reporting Library In C#

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing traffic patterns and conversion on a website. With Garlic, it can become a powerful tool for analyzing usage of any application written in .Net, be it an MsMVC web application or a WPF desktop application.

Use Garlic

The Garlic.Sample.WPF projects contains a simple WPF application using the Caliburn.Micro MVVM framework showing how to use Garlic to report analytics data for your desktop application.

Create an analytics session

var session = new AnalyticsSession(Domain, GACode);

Optionally set session level custom variables

  1,            // variable slot (1 - 5)
  "UserName",   // key
  "dracula");   // value

Create a page view request and wire it up to screen activation events

var page = session.CreatePageViewRequest(
  "/",          // path
  "Home page"); // page title

// extension method for wiring a page view request to a Caliburn.Micro 
// screen (not included)

// or send page views manually

Optionally set page level custom variables (page level variables override session variables in the same slot)

  2,            // variable slot (1 - 5) 
  "usertype",   // key
  "member");    // value

Submit events

page.SendEvent("category", "action", "label", "value");

or timing data

page.SendTiming("category", "variable", 1000 /* time in millis */, "label");

start a timing to be submitted later

var timing = page.StartTiming("category", "variable", "label");
//Suck some blood, eat some rats, whatever fancies you
timing.Finish(); //Sends the timing information

Get Garlic

Garlic is available as a NuGet package and can be installed via the NuGet Package Manager:

PM> Install-Package Garlic

Known Issues

  1. Garlic does not report accurate color depth, screen resoluation, view port size, or language
  2. There's no way to report page load times

Notable Gotchas

  • Each Session represents a unique visit and each Page represents a page view within that visit.
  • Source will always be (direct) and medium will always be (none)
  • Browser and OS information is never sent
  • All users are considered "Returning Visitors"


Google Analytics Reporting Library In C#







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