Python script to monitor dpos nodes
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DPoS Monitor

Current version 1.0.0

Currently the dpos-monitor can monitor nodes for Adamant, Blockpool, Kapu, Lisk 1.0, Lwf, Onz, Qredit, Ripa, Rise, Sauco, Shift and Swapblocks. It can:

  • Ping your nodes from remote servers.
  • Check if the block heights of your nodes are correct.
  • Check if the versions of your nodes are up to date.
  • Send Telegram messages when something is wrong with a node.

Block height and versions checks can also be used to check if your node is still running.


sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install requests

When you get errors about an incorrect locale, it can help to use the following commands

export LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8


Clone the git

git clone

Copy the config from the default_configs directory:

cd dpos-monitor
cp default_configs/config.json config.json
  • Change settings inside config.json to match your needs.
  • config.json will be loaded by default, but with the parameter -c you could load another config file.
  • For more information about the config please check Configuration description

Dpos config change

Add the ip-addresses of the servers running dpos-monitor to the config.json of the nodes to monitor.

"api": {
        "enabled": true,
        "access": {
            "public": false,
            "whiteList": [
                "", ""

Example crontab

Edit your crontab with the example below (command: crontab -e)

*/15 * * * * cd ~/dpos-monitor && python3 ~/dpos-monitor/src/ >> ~/dpos-monitor/logs/monitor.log 2>&1

Telegram bot

Dpos-monitor comes with Telegram functionality which will allow dpos-monitor to send you a message if anything requires your attention. It's very easy to set up:

  • Open Telegram and start a conversation with: userinfobot
  • Put your ID inside config variable "chat_id".
"chat_id": "12345678"
  • Start a conversation with: botfather
  • Say: /newbot
  • Tell botfather your bot's name
  • Tell botfather your bot's username
  • Botfather will say "Congratulations!" and give you a token
  • Put your token inside config variable "bot_key".
"bot_key": "1122334455:AAEhBOweik6ad9r_QXMENQjcrGbqCr4K-bs"
  • Edit the telegram toggle "use_telegram" (true/false)
  • Start a conversation with your bot (username) to enable communication between you two


Read the documentation in the docs folder for more information on the config files and the monitoring dashboard


  • Android App as monitoring dashboard
  • Push messages in Android App
  • Support for more DPoS networks