A simple webapp for memorizing multiple choice answers
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Memorizer is a webapp written in Python 3 using Flask and SQLAlchemy meant to be used for answering multiple choice questions. It was created specifically for answering older multiple choice exams.

Currently running on https://memorizer.io/

Warning for users who want to adopt this project:

This project has been used as playground for me (duvholt) to experiment with different implemenations. The whole project is built upon the reinvent-the-wheel principle. I have deliberately avoided to build the app on big frameworks (well expect for SQLAlchemy - because who would want to deal with that mess). A good example of this is the homebrewed templating framework used to dynamically update the site.


  • Multiple choice answering
  • Support for several categories with subcategories (courses and exams)
  • Statistics about answered questions
  • Correct answer combo
  • Random question which will select an unanswered question if possible
  • Keyboard support
    • Left/right arrows (or a/d) for previous/next question
    • 1, 2, 3, 4 to select answer
    • Space (or q) to answer
    • r to load a random question


  • Requires pipenv to be installed
$ pipenv install # Install requirements
$ ./main.py db upgrade # Create/upgrade database tables
$ ./main.py import questions/*.json # Import all questions (Warning: super slow if using SQLite)
$ ./main.py runserver # Run webserver

###Local config

To overwrite configuration in memorizer/config.py create an new file called memorizer/localconfig.py.


DEBUG = True
SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = 'postgresql://username@localhost/memorizer'

Big thanks to all the contributors!