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A bot for RoboBibb's groupchats
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Steve, RoboBibb's Chat Bot

A bot for RoboBibb's communication mediums. This bot is programmed for node.js and runs on a Raspberry pi. Anyone can messaage steve. freely in Telegram, however, in Slack steve is only available on our server.

How to use:


The included script gets everything ready to go. All you need to do is enter the Telegram bot token from the botfather. After setup you can run to start the bot.

$ git clone && cd steve/
$ sh
$ ./


Like many things on the internet, uptime is very important. In order to update the bot with essentially no noticeable down-time, you can run Which will automatically update the bot from this github repo.


These commands start with / in Telegram and . in Slack.

  • /exchange <amt> <from> <to> - converts currencies
  • /timzeone <timezone> - tells current time in
  • /ping - replies pong as soon as possible (for testing connection)
  • /echo <message> - repeats <message>
  • /cat - sends a random cat picture
  • /join - helps user get into team group chats
  • /help - shows help dialog
  • /coinflip - flips a coin and sends result
  • /random - random number generator.
    • given 2 numbers gives a number on the range [num1, num2)
    • given one number gives a number on the range [0, num1)
  • /log - logs a message.
    • if message is __msg_id it logs the id of the message the command is a response to.
    • if message is __chat_id it logs the id of the chat the command was sent from.
    • if message is __from_id it logs the user id of the sender of the message [or message replied to]
    • if message is __msg_ it logs the entire message object to stdout
    • anthing else gets writen to the logs in stdout so that sysadmin can see their message.
  • /update - runs and updates Steve's code.
  • /8ball - responds with "Yes", "No" or "Maybe" (not always correct)
  • /fortune - sends an interesting quote/fortune
  • /vaporwave <text> - converts to full-width text
  • /glitch <text> - adds glitchy characters to text
  • /flip <text> - flips text upside down
  • /mirror <text> - reverses text and characters
  • /tinycaps <text> - puts text in small capital letters
  • /shrug - sends a random shrug response
  • /xkcd - sends a random xkcd comic
  • /xkcd <comic number> - sends xkcd number <comic number>
  • /xkcd latest - sends most recent xkcd comic strip
  • /poll - makes a voteable poll for your message. (+1,-1, ±0)
  • /website - link to our team website
  • /sm - social media links
  • /leave - remove steve from GC.

Require authorization

These require that you are either in the administrator list or are currently in one of the two RoboBibb General Discussion groupchats.

  • /addfortune <fortune message> - add your own fortune message
  • /system <command> - runs a command on the system (requires authorization)
  • /sshcmd - gives a ssh command to run (requires authorization)
  • /postupdate <category> - send this as a response to your file. Steve will automatically post your story to
  • /msg <chat/userID> <message contents> - sends a message to userID, user must already be in a GC/DM with steve for this to work.
  • /eval <code> - runs javascript code


messages which could be directed to anyone must be started with steve, or anything from (?:hey\s)?steve(?:\.|\?|\!|\,)?.?

  • "is steve a human?" - replies "yes" and asks person who was wondering to complete a captcha
  • "shutup steve" - replies "no thx"
  • "make me a sandwitch" - sends a sound clip "I'm sorry dave I'm afraid I can't do that" from 2001 space odyssey
  • "sudo make me a sandwitch" - replies "you're a sandwitch"
  • "shutup steve" - replies "no thx"

Chat Events:

This is only included in the Telegram portion as Slack is primarily for announcements.

  • on new member: welcomes the new member to the chat
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