Supercollider classes for interaction with datasets from (parsing, sonification, etc.)
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Supercollider classes for interacting with data sets from (parsing, sonification, etc.).

This is a prototype! It's quite slow and eats a lot of RAM. I've only tested it on Linux with JACK. So be aware of that, when using it!

So far, what you can do with it:

  • Parse 23andme files, write them to a different format.
  • Loading both of those files into a dictionary.//this will eat so much RAM, cookie monster is a 'lil puppet compared (get ready for 5,7Gb (parsing) and 4,7Gb (reading)
  • Playing positions (or rather: bases/base pairs on a chromosome at a position) of up to 25 chromosomes from those dictionaries on 2,4,6 & 8 channels (there's no real limit to that though, but your hardware)

There are some upcoming TODOs, and I'll list some of them:

  • flesh out (a million instances eat too much RAM on filling a SNPDict), that comes with a lot of looking around what has to be changed in the other classes to make this work.
  • fine grain the synthesizers used, so each chromosome will become more distinct (currently only X, Y and MT are very recognizable)
  • use a set of filters based upon the form of each chromosome and its "interesting areas"
  • make updating resolvers less RAM consuming (and thus usable)