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A jQuery UI datepicker widget that allows for multiple calendars and calendar systems.
Documentation at http://github.bililite.com/flexcal .

jquery.flexcal.js is the main file; it requires the flexcal.css file for styling.

It depends on my textpopup plugin, jquery.textpopup.js, documented at http://bililite.com/blog/2009/01/02/new-ui-widgets-textpopup-and-hebrewkeyboard/ .

jquery.flexcal.format.js extends jquery.flexcal.js to add more formatting options. Documentation at http://github.bililite.com/flexcal/format.html .

jquery.ui.subclass.js is my extension of the jQuery widget framework, documentation at http://github.bililite.com/extending-widgets.html that originally was needed for flexcal and is still included in this project.

 jquery.hebrewKeyboard.js is a popup Hebrew keyboard that uses much of the same framework, documented at http://bililite.com/blog/2009/01/02/new-ui-widgets-textpopup-and-hebrewkeyboard/ . Though honestly, if you need a foreign-language virtual keyboard, look at Ilya Lebedev's JavaScript VirtualKeyboard (http://www.allanguages.info/#layouts= ) or my jQuery plugin that uses it, jsvk ( https://github.com/dwachss/bililiteRange/blob/master/jquery.jsvk.js ) and the bililiteRange library ( https://github.com/dwachss/bililiteRange ).

jquery.timepickr.js is a time picker widget (documentation at http://github.bililite.com/flexcal/timepickr.html )

jquery.calendars.picker-mock.js is a stub that allows localization using Keith Woods's calendar systems (http://keith-wood.name/calendarsRef.html ) without loading his whole datepicker. See http://github.bililite.com/flexcal/l10n.html for details.