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dwave-preprocessing provides preprocessing tools for binary quadratic models (BQM) and presolve algorithms for constrained quadratic models (CQM).

import dwave.preprocessing

This package contains several preprocessing composites that can aid in solving BQMs and a presolver that can reduce a problem's redundant variables and constraints to improve the accuracy of CQMs. For details on underlying algorithms and usage, see the package's Reference Documentation.


Install from a package on PyPI:

pip install dwave-preprocessing

or install from source:

pip install -r requirements.txt
python build_ext --inplace
python install


Released under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file.


Ocean's contributing guide has guidelines for contributing to Ocean packages.

Release Notes

dwave-preprocessing makes use of reno to manage its release notes.

When making a contribution to dwave-preprocessing that will affect users, create a new release note file by running

reno new your-short-descriptor-here

You can then edit the file created under releasenotes/notes/. Remove any sections not relevant to your changes. Commit the file along with your changes.