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Hi there,
I've come across the ReportNG and I found it pretty useful. I used it to generated human readable test documentation.
The project I was involved in had fallen into a CMMI bucket and we had to comply to several procedures - one of which was to document test results. ReportNG didn't work out of the box for me, so I've extended it a bit (keeping in mind the backward compatibility). Things I've required and which I've added to the ReportNG include:

  • I needed to filter which classes are included in the report. We only included IntegrationTests so I've added a parameter "org.uncommons.reportng.name-suffix" which I use to filter out classes I don't want
  • I needed human readable class names so I've allowed to define custom utils class with "org.uncommons.reportng.custom-utils-class". This is instantized within AbstractReporter, with the default Utils class being a fallback.
  • with "org.uncommons.reportng.templates-path" you can define separate path for templates.

That way I was able to create a separate jar: reportng-testdoc which included all my project specific templates, styles and classes. Which has it's own dependencies (like QDox to resolve parameter names) and my own formatter.

The changes are described in the README.txt as well

Thanks. I found ReportNG really useful. It saved me and my team weeks of boring copy and paste from console to Word document to feed the CMMI monster ;-)

kubamarchwicki and others added some commits Nov 23, 2011
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki corrected pom.xml - to allow proper project import and build 8ef4959
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Dirty hacking ReportNG to change the generated doc:
* TestDox formatter (substitute class and method names with a human readable form)
* define formatter with configuration parameter "org.uncommons.reportng.name-formatter"
* allow tests filtering (only classes matching "org.uncommons.reportng.name-suffix" will be included in the report)
* hacking velocity templates to parse the names
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Hacking continues: adding QDox dependency, resolving test methods par…
…ameters names and adding them to method arguments in the report. Reporting layout changes
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Update README.txt to describe changes in this branch e2a5909
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Update README.txt c9c4de4
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki .gitignore d4c61d8
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Merge branch 'test-doc' of github.com:kubamarchwicki/reportng into te…
unknown Splitting responsibilities: adding new testdoc related project, makin…
…g the original reportng flexible an pluggable (DummyFormatter, extending ReportNGUtils)
unknown Externalizing tests filtering into another method. Making the org.unc…
…ommons.reportng.name-suffix system property optional
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Externalizing templates 6684db1
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Reverting to the original templates. Removing hardcoded class-resutls…
….html.vm path. Parametrizing templates_path in config with "org.uncommons.reportng.templates-path"
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki more readme.txt (dependencies example) e7ecd4c
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Cleancoding the TestDocumentReportNGUtils class. Externalizing the so…
…urce folder for test classes, if source is not found, the parameter names are ignored.
@kubamarchwicki kubamarchwicki Correcting README.txt 8160a0a
unknown Styling the template bbc7d9f
unknown Using description from @Test annotation - when defined ac93d6b
@dwdyer dwdyer closed this Dec 3, 2015
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