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Projects @ DWeb Camp 2019 💻
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Projects @ DWeb Camp 2019

At our April Kick-off Week, DWeb Camp 2019 organizers visited the Farm, discussed feedback from the 2018 Summit, and held numerous calls with other groups to inform the types of interactions we'd like to encourage at the Camp. We hope people from diverse backgrounds can spend the few days at Camp to build trust through learning together in a relaxing environment with minimal distractions, and to connect with nature and with each other.


Projects at DWeb Camp is a chance to enlist artists, communicators, designers, educators, funders, infrastructure engineers, lawyers, network operators, organizers, software coders... into a team to explore a use case, share knowledge and build trust for our collaborative decentralized futures. Let's explore how decentralized web technologies can serve our basic needs and draw from our diverse skillsets to make things together!

Encouraging Projects that involve diverse leaders at the proposal stage is especially challenging because it often requires that people who may not be already connected to start coordinating ahead of the event. As organizers, we can start with making digital spaces for people to advertise topics they are interested in, then get in touch with each other to find allies where we can co-imagine and coordinate together. So we encourage DWeb Camp participants to do the following:

  1. Join the Projects Chat on

  2. Post your ideas on the Issues Page to advertise topics that interest you. Include your Matrix chat handle so others can find you!

  3. Submit a Project Proposal when your team is ready so organizers can start helping you coordinate space and resource needs. See an example.

If you have any questions about the tools above, please email dwebcamp [at] for help or alternatives.

Local Mesh Network

The 2019 Decentralized Web Summit Camp will take place at a beautiful piece of coastal land an hour west of San Jose from July 18 to 21. This area currently has very minimal network infrastructure and Internet connectivity. One of the main features of the DWeb Camp will be a local mesh network.

A truly Decentralized Web would work in places where there is limited to no internet connectivity or restrictions due to cost or censorship. The DWeb Camp is a perfect opportunity for us to make local messaging, mapping, websites, and file storage work with community-managed infrastructures in the wild, where we can all be builders and users of our decentralized technologies. So we invite you to bring your ideas and skills to co-create these decentralized applications and processes that will run on our local network without guaranteed Internet connectivity.

What services are available on the local network?

We plan to have very minimal services by default, and invite all of you to bring applications, but for coordinating logistics we will have:

  • Shared Drive: Camp participants can go to a local IP address and download files such as a PDF map or make an app binary available to everyone
  • Matrix Chat: We plan to run a Matrix Chat server on the local network that has room & chat history of DWeb rooms pre-synced (also why we hope people can start coordinating on Matrix now, then that chat history can be carried to the Farm even if no Internet access is available on-site)

Of course, we hope there will be many other applications on the local network, that participants will bring to the Camp and plug into the network switches.

Current Ideas & Topics of Interest

Many ideas have already been posted onto the Issues Page and you can also group them by labels to view them. Have a look and join the conversation!

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