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New Clues

On Jan. 8, 2015, we (David Weinberger and Doc Searls) posted New Clues at

We did so as an open source publishing project: the text is fully available for re-use by humans and by computer programs. To enable that, we've posted the text here at Github in various formats. We have also put the text into the public domain by using a Creative Commons 0 license. It can be reused in any way without asking permission and without any restrictions. (Obviously, it would be polite to credit the authors and link back to the original site.)

Please note that we expect not to accept pull requests except for typos and other unintentionalities, because we feel we should maintain the integrity of the New Clues page as initially published. We do encourage branching and forking.

The files:

  • clues_.html: The 121 clues, in divs with ids indicating their number. This includes the section and subsection headings as well. In the original page, there are three main sections, each with subsections prefaced by letters that start again at "a" for each of the sections. Each sections contains clues that are numbered consecuetively from the beginning of the document, 1-121.

  • preamble_.html: The preamble to the newclues page.

  • style.css: The ugly CSS used to make the ugly New Clues site.

  • newclues.js: Some minimal, homebrew JavaScript for initializing the New Clues page, including number the clues, creating and inserting the embeddable links for each clue, anad randomizing the order of the authors on each viewing. Written by a hobbyist programmer who would prefer that you muffle your mocking snorts.

  • clues_.txt: A pure text version of the clues. The clues are preceded by their number on a separate line. The subsection headings are preceded by a letter. The major sections are preceded by a roman numeral.

  • clues_.json: A JSON version of the clues. Just the text of the clues. No preamble. No numbers. No subheads or hierarchy. No links.

  • newclues_.json: A JSON version of all the text, including the preamble, all the clues, the chapter heads and subtitles, and their hierarchy.

  • newclues_.opml: An outline version with the full text: the preamble, all the clues, the chapter heads and subtitles, and their hierarchy.

  • newclues_.xml: All the text, including the hierarchy and the preamble, expressed as XML. Note, however, that this conversion was done by from the JSON; the XML checks out as valid at another site, but it may not be useful. You're on your own.

We look forward to the uses you put these to.

If you find errors, have questions, or have suggestions, contact But please note that I'm a hobbyist programmer and can only do the best I can.

Doc Searls
David Weinberger


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