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Adaption of PHPPass for use as a CodeIgniter Bcrypt library.
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This library is not maintained, and it is suggested that you don't use it. It was simply a CodeIgniter wrapper around the PHPPass library. Please look into using PHP's native password hasing functions instead.

Bcrypt (PHPPass) for CodeIgniter

Adaption of PHPPass (0.3) for use as a CodeIgniter Bcrypt library.

Allowed for the use of a separate config file, adjusted for some CodeIgniter configurability, added the scope of functions, changed hashing and checking functions to meet CodeIgniter standards for function names.


  • Place Bcrypt.php in your application/libraries folder.
  • Place bcrypt.php in your application/config folder.
  • Adjust options in the config file as neccessary.


First, load the Bcrypt library or autoload it in config/autoload.php.



To hash a password, simply pass the string to hash_password().

$password = 'hunter2';
$hash = $this->bcrypt->hash_password($password);

The function will return the hashed password or * on error.


To check a hash password, simply pass the string and stored password to check_password().

$password = 'hunter2';

if ($this->bcrypt->check_password($password, $stored_hash))
	// Password does match stored password.
	// Password does not match stored password.

The function will return TRUE or FALSE dependant on success.