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A set of ideas and projects to work on that are great to help you learn a programming language.
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Learn a Language

If you're learning a new programming language or framework, it's important to have a project or exercise to perform that gives you a chance to put the language through it's paces - Hello World generally doesn't cut it.

This repo is a description of some ideas of such projects - please fork, pull request and add to the list!

  1. Pascal's Triangle
  2. Langton's Ant
  3. Skip Lists
  4. SLA

Pascal's Triangle

tl;dr - Basic and perfect for day one of a new language.

One of the best - Pascal's Triangle is a simple mathematical construct that you should be able to implement quickly in almost any language. The sort of output you'd be looking for would be:

How many lines? 5

1 1
1 2 1
1 3 3 1 
1 4 6 4 1

What should this teach?

  • Basic mathematical functions of the language.
  • Console or process input
  • Console or file ouput
  • Recursion or looping

I've got an implementation that's clearly commentted and tested at

Langton's Ant

tl;dr - Hard, great opportunities to be clever and use language specific features.

Langton's Ant is another mathematical simulation. In the simulation you create a basic universe with a few rules and let it run - it's quite similar to Conway's Game of Life.

A screenshot of such an application, written in Javascript would look like this:

Langton's Ant

(This project is on GitHub at

What should this teach?

  • More complex collections
  • State management
  • Console or process input
  • Console, graphical or file output
  • Basic algorithms.

Skip Lists

Skip lists are a data structure which allow O(logN) speed access to a list. Rather more complicated than linked lists and a basic B-tree but easier than an AVL tree.

There's a great article on Skip Lists on the CodeProject by Mostaffa Eissa.

This would be an ideal project for C or C++, any language where you manage memory directly.

What should this teach?

  • Memory management
  • Algorithmic Complexity
  • Data structures


A nice simple idea for a console app:

$ sla 99.9
Daily Downtime   : 1m 26.4s
Weekly Downtime  : 10m 4.8s
Monthly Downtime : 43m 49.7s
Yearly Downtime  : 8h 45m 57.0s

What would this teach?

  • Simple console programs
  • Time formatting
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