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Text-based FPS Telegram Bot or PowPow for friends

It's a Telegram bot for a text-based FPS game. It was made by Rodrigo Araujo based on Guilherme Sehn's Text-based FPS project.

How to play

First of all you need to start a conversation with PowPow. After that he will ask you to join a room by typing /room Room Name (e.g.: /room powpow1) and that's it! Now you can use the commands listed below to play with your friends. :)


  • /room - Choose the room
  • look - Show the room map and the enemies on your front
  • move north/south/west/east - Move to another place
  • turn north/south/west/east/around - Turn to another direction so you can view and fire your enemies
  • fire - Fire
  • ammo - Show how much ammo you have
  • health - Show how health you have
  • reload - Reload your gun
  • score - Show score table
  • respawn - Respawn if you are dead
  • /start and /help - Give instructions about how to use the bot
  • /quit - Quit the room

How to run on your server

First you will need to create a Telegram bot, it will allow you to get the bot token.

You will also need to have node.js installed.

With both of them you can run POWPOWBOT_TOKEN="YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" node powpow.js


Telegram bot for a text-based FPS game



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