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Dynamoose is a modeling tool for Amazon's DynamoDB (inspired by Mongoose).

Dynamoose is Sponsored by Dynobase

Dynobase helps you accelerate your DynamoDB workflow with code generation, faster data exploration, bookmarks and more:

Getting Started

Take a look at our website for information about how to get started.




Branch Strategy

Below you will find the current branch strategy for the project. Work taking place on the branches listed below might be further ahead than the versions on NPM. All documentation links found below will also be reflective of the published version on NPM. If you would like to live dangerously and run non-released versions, you can run npm install dynamoose/dynamoose#BRANCH (replacing BRANCH with the branch listed below). You will also find the most up-to-date documentation in the docs folder of the branch.

Branch Version NPM Tag Links
main 4.x.x - Documentation
v3 3.3.x - Documentation
v3.3.0 (tag) 3.3.0 latest-3 - Documentation
v2 2.8.x - Documentation
v2.8.8 (tag) 2.8.8 latest-2 - Documentation