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Interactive and scriptable console terminal on Android (build framework)
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ZShaolin - Interactive and scriptable console terminal on Android 

not yet a proper README sorry.

For more information see:


* Short build notes

You'll need a 64bit gnu/linux machine to do this
plus a fair amount of common development tools
and of course some familiarity to build sources

Let's get started:

 git clone git://

 cd zshaolin/toolchains/crosstool-ng

download the toolchain from
 (and please make a donation to at least for the bandwidth...)
decompress the toolchain inside the crosstool-ng dir with a tar xvfz

then go back to the zshaolin root and do a 'pwd' command
note down the path to it and set an environmental var: ZHOME
possibly set it inside your ~/.profile or something like that
so that it is initialized at every login

then you are ready to run:

 ./zmake build

and fingers crossed :^)

busybox will need a cd build/busybox/busybox-android && make
you can also tweak it by hand

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