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Change Detection in a sequence of Graphs

This package is the reference code for most of my publications, please consider citing them.

Some are the following


Please have a look at this notebook tutorial.ipynb.

The package

The code is written in python3. In the package you will find following folders

  • cdg/graph interface for datasets of graphs and dissimilarities.
  • cdg/embedding several types of numeric representations of graphs, such as, dissimilarity representation and manifold embeddings.
  • cdg/changedetection tests for change detection.
  • cdg/utils utilities for the module.
  • cdg/simulation utilities for repeated experiments.

Requirements and suggested packages

You may need:

  • networkx (available pip install networkx)
  • GraKel (available here)
  • graph-matching-toolkit (available here) to compute graph edit distances. A good place to save it is ./graph-matching-toolkit/graph-matching-toolkit.jar.
  • graphviz for visualize graphs.
  • ecp R package (available here) in order to run certain multi change point methods.


Go to your preferred directory, then

git clone
cd cdg
sudo pip3 install -e .


Author: Daniele Zambon
Affiliation: Università della Svizzera italiana
Licence: BSD-3-Clause