weeve is an HTML5 Twitter uber-streaming app powered by Firebase, Keen IO and Singly
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>> weeve has been retired, but the Keen and Firebase APIs allow you to build more apps just like it :)

A weeve is Twitter timeline sharing in a group. See one in action here:


Read more about weeve on my blog - weeve - HTML5 Twitter uber-streaming powered by Firebase, Keen IO, and Singly.


weeve is a tiny open source experiment made during re-allocated winter break family time by @dzello.

weeve includes:

  • OAuth authentication - "Sign in with Twitter"
  • Real-time sync - Tweets appear instantly across all clients
  • Persistence - A history of up to 50 tweets is shown to new users
  • Detailed analytics - Charts and graphs that show who's weeving and who's tweeting

Best of all, this app requires no server. It's just HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, all done right in the browser.

The API's

weeve wouldn't be possible without the APIs of a few great companies pushing the limits on what's possible without running your own server.

weeve is powered by:

  • Firebase provides data storage that's directly accessible to the client. Best of all, clients are notified about changes to data in real-time.
  • Keen IO's analytics APIs collect event data and make charting it a snap.
  • Singly provides a uniform interface to social (and other) API's. For weeve, Singly handles the authentication with Twitter.

At this time, weeve has one dependency that does (gasp) require a server (for now):

  • A 20-line node.js twitter streaming proxy that I wrote. Singly has push support for the 'statuses' type, but it's still experimental. Once it's ready, this proxy won't be necessary.


Word of warning: Getting this set up isn't for the faint of heart, but if have a good working knowledge of these components it's not too hard!

To run your own weeve, you'll need accounts with all of the services mentioned above, and you'll need to do some configuration.

  • Create a Firebase. Firebase is in beta, so you might have to wait for an invite. Once you've got an account, create a Firebase and note its URL.
  • Create a new Twitter app - https://dev.twitter.com/apps/new. Set the callback URL to http://api.singly.com/auth/twitter/auth.
  • Create a Singly account - https://singly.com/signup and create a Singly app at https://singly.com/apps.
  • Go to the Singly app's detail page and click the 'Keys' tab. Find Twitter in the list, and paste in the key and secret from your Twitter app.
  • Find your Firebase secret by visiting its URL (http://something.firebaseio.com) and click the 'Auth' icon. Then add your Firebase secret to Singly here - https://singly.com/docs/firebase.
  • Add the security rules found in firebase-rules.json to your Firebase.

Next, you'll need to deploy the twitter streaming proxy I mentioned above. It's a typical node.js app, so publish it to your favorite host. Then record the URL and port. Make sure to set ALLOWED_ORIGINS to where you'll deploy when you configure the proxy.

Clone this repository. Set the following keys at the top of main.js to your values:

  • weeveUrl (where you are deploying, used for OAuth redirect)
  • firebaseUrl
  • singlyClientId
  • keenProjectId
  • keenApiKey
  • twitterStreamingProxy

You're ready to deploy. Just push the repository w/ your changes to any static web host, like Github pages.

Once you've deployed, share the URL with some friends and start a weeve.

Note: it's easy to work on this locally as well, under Apache or Nginx. Just make sure the above variables reflect your local environment.

Get updates

Follow me on Twitter at @dzello or subscribe to my blog: http://dzello.com/.

Future enhancements

  • Use the Singly API's to get the tweets and remove the proxy
  • Use Firebase rules to constrain the maximum number of concurrent weevers
  • Use Firebase to implement an ordered waiting queue for when the weeve is full
  • Use Firebase to clean up old tweets automatically (like a capped collection)
  • Add more charts and graphs from Keen IO

Support / Contributing

  • Issues :)
  • Pull requests :D

Credits & Acknowledgements

Here's a list of the services and open-source software used in this project:

  • Firebase
  • Keen IO
  • Singly
  • Twitter
  • cdnjs for hosting JS
  • jQuery, jQuery timeago
  • Bootstrap
  • Backbone.js
  • Underscore.js
  • twitter-text.js
  • sprintf.js
  • socket.io
  • node.js (for the proxy)
  • nTwitter (for the proxy)