A graphical design tool for domain models of dartling.
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#Model Concepts in Dart#

by Dzenan Ridjanovic started on 2011-12-09

Categories: design tool, graphical models, canvas, local storage, json.

##Description A graphical design tool for domain models of dartling. Spirals can be found in the mb_spirals project. The last spiral is a graphical model designer. The json representation of a model is generated in Model Concepts. This representation is used in the dartling_gen project to generate code for a model supported by the dartling domain model framework.


If an attribute name is oid or code, it will not be generated as a specific attribute in dartling, because every concept inherits both the oid (object id generated automatically by dartling) and code (an id that may be null, but if non-null it must be unique) properties.

In the attribute init field, you may use increment for incrementing a value of the int type in dartling by increment starting with increment. The empty text indicates that a default value will be a non-null empty String. For the DateTime type, the now value determines the today's current time at the moment of adding an entity in dartling.

Based On

Magic Boxes (in Java)


Modelibra Modeler (in Java)

More Details

dartling: Domain Model Framework

Version History

Learning Dart


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