ImgGlyph for iOS is a collection of drop-in replacements for UILabel and UITextView that allow for font-sized in-line images (image glyphs) by auto-replacing specified strings with specified images.
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ImgGlyphLabel and ImgGlyphTextView are subclasses of (drop-in replacements for) UILabel and UITextView that allow for font-sized in-line images (image glyphs) by replacing specified strings with specified images.


iOS has no built-in support for including images in-line with text within UILabels or UITextViews. These classes provide that, with an easy replace-search-string-with-auto-resized-image interface and a mapping configurable within Interface Builder.


ImgGlyph Example

Supported iOS & SDK Versions

  • Supported build target - iOS 7.0 (Xcode 5.0, Apple LLVM compiler 5.0)
  • Supported deployment target - iOS 7.0

ImgGlyph takes advantage of the new Text Kit based rearchitecture of UILabel and UITextView and is incompatible with iOS versions prior to 7.0.


For ease of use, ImgGlyph classes are configurable completely within Interface Builder.

  1. Replace a UILabel and/or UITextView class with DZGImgGlyphLabel and/or DZGImgGlyphTextView. Use the 'Custom Class' field within the Identity Inspector. This can be done in-place for existing views.

  2. Add a User Defined Runtime Attribute:
    Key Path: imgMapString
    Type: String
    Value: {"str1":"img1.png", "str2":"img2.png"}

    Value is a dictionary-like string of key-value pairs in the form of key_string:image_name. Whitespace (outside of quotes) is ignored. Examples of Value parameter:
    - {"[save]":"floppy.png"}
    - {"%c":"circle.png","%q":"sq.png"}
    - { ":)" : "smile.png", ":p" : "razz.png", "o_O" : "wtf.png" }

One may also set a dictionary directly via the `setImgMap' message to an ImgGlyph instance.