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The code behind the Screenshot of the Week archives and leaderboards.
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This code generates a suite of webpages that contains image galleries, statistics, and more based on input files that describe user labels, image URLs, and votes. The code is somewhat specialized for the Screenshot of the Week competitions held on PureZC, but the principles behind it can be extended to other contexts.


In August 2012, Ed Foley started this project in Excel for use with the Map of the Month competition. He later transferred the project to Java in December 2012 and began adapting it to Screenshot of the Week.

Setting up the project

The following directories and files should exist before attempting to run the program.

  • backup
  • config
    • config\archives_footer.txt
    • config\archives_header.txt
    • config\leaderboard_footer.txt
    • config\leaderboard_header.txt
    • config\profile_footer.txt
    • config\profile_header.txt
  • members
  • web
    • web\images
      • web\images\no_image.png
    • web\profiles
    • web\associations.txt
    • web\data.txt
    • web\style.css

Files have their own formatting conventions that warrant future documentation.

The author plans to make this directory structure and sample files available automatically in future updates.

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