This is the work in progress of the CASA eMERLIN pipeline. Please fork the repository before making any changes and read the Coding Practices page in the wiki. Please add issues with the pipeline in the issues tab and commit to them
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This is the CASA pipeline for e-MERLIN data, it is designed to be fully parallelised. It is, however, very early stages and will progress rapidly. It currently does work but does not do calibration yet. Feel free to change/modify.



If you have git installed, you can get the pipeline using:
git clone

If you don't have git, you can download and unzip the files from here.

To install other dependencies e.g. aoflagger/wsclean check out either A. Offringa's websites:

Or (recommended!) use the handy anaconda scripts to instantly install dependcies within the conda environment. To do this follow the instructions in this repo.:


To run the pipeline simply do:
casa -c /path/to/pipeline/ -i <input file>

To run the parallelized version using MPI in CASA you can use:
mpicasa -n <num_cores> casa -c /path/to/pipeline/ -i <input file>

To execute the pipeline from within CASA:

> run_in_casa = True
> pipeline_path = '/path/to/pipeline_path/'   # You need to define this variable explicitly
> execfile(pipeline_path + '')
> inputs, msinfo = run_pipeline(inputs_path=<input file>)

Additional information