Scripts and instructions to run Fedora 27 in the GPD Pocket
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Disclaimer: This repository is no longer updated as I don't have a GPD Pocket anymore.



  • Follow the official instructions to create a bootable Fedora 27 pendrive and plugin it into the GPD pocket.
  • Boot the GPD pocket while pressing "fn+f7" several times until a boot menu appears and select the pendrive you've just connected.
  • Select "Start Fedora-Workstation-Live 27" but don't press enter yet
  • Press "e" to edit the boot options
  • Scroll down to the kernel line
  • Add the following fbcon parameter after the "quiet" parameter to properly rotate the screen:
  • Press "Ctrl+x" to boot the installation
  • Let Fedora 27 to start
  • Once in the desktop and in order to rotate the screen in the live system, press the Windows button, type "displays" and press enter. This will open the displays settings.
  • Modify the orientation to be "Portrait left" and apply the configuration NOTE: If the "apply" button doesn't appear, change the resolution as well and then it will appear. Then select the proper resolution again.
  • Install Fedora 27 as you wish

Post installation tasks

  • Clone this repo and copy it to an external pendrive. You can use the same pendrive than the Fedora installation to have all included.
git clone /run/media/$USER/<pendrive>/
  • Connect the pendrive in the GPD pocket once Fedora 27 has been installed and booted
  • Run the script to enable wifi connectivity.
  • Connect to your wifi network using the script as:
/run/media/$USER/<pendrive>/ <my_ap> <my_password>
  • Then, run all the scripts in the following order and reboot.
cd /run/media/$USER/<pendrive>/
sudo reboot

NOTE: The rescue kernel is removed in the fix_kernel script and prevent to be built again in the dracut script. Review it if you want to have a rescue kernel!!!

  • After the first reboot, ensure you are using your new kernel:
uname -a
  • Profit!!!

Compile the kernel manually

Compile the kernel in your F27 laptop using the following instructions:

sudo dnf groupinstall -y "C Development Tools and Libraries"
sudo dnf install -y zlib-devel libuuid-devel libattr-devel libblkid-devel libselinux-devel libudev-devel openssl-devel elfutils-libelf-devel

mkdir ~/git/
cd git
git clone gpd-pocket-kernel
cd gpd-pocket-kernel
make clean
make -j $(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN) binrpm-pkg LOCALVERSION=-gpd-custom

This will create two rpm packages that should be installed in the gpd pocket.

  • Copy the kernel packages from your laptop from ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64 to the pendrive.
  • Install the kernel using dnf:
sudo dnf install -y /run/media/$USER/<pendrive>/*.rpm

To automate this procedure and make them available here I use the script