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.:: The problem ::.
We want to implement a dictionary of words that can work with very little memory. The dictionary will do only
two things:
- Load a word to the dictionary.
- Check if a word is present in the dictionary or not.
a. The sole data structure that can be used to save/retrieve data is a bit array with a total size of 2 megabytes.
b. The dictionary should be able to process at least 100 thousand words of text within the above constraint.
c. When the dictionary checks if a word is present it will return False or True. If it returns False, then
the word should absolutely not be in the dictionary. If it returns True, then the word is most likely in
the dictionary but we can allow for false-positives. We want to have a false-positive ratio below 0.01%.
More details
Submissions should use the IBitStorage and IDictionaryChecker interfaces (present in this repo). Implementations
should utilize an instance of IBitStorage as the sole storage they can use. You can see DummyDictionary.cs for
a simple (although lame) sample of what you should create. Initialize() is called for each word will be loaded
in the dictionary (therefore it will be called many times) and IsWordPresent() is used to check if a word is in
the dictionary or not.
Rules for submissions
1. Unlike Innovation Days, you should *not* take time during regular working hours to devote to the contest.
2. Code of submissions is strictly private until the contest ends so do not share. However, the leaderboard
with the rankings will be updated during the contest and all submissions will be made public after
the contest ends.
3. Email your submissions directly to Do *not* share otherwise or commit publicly!
4. You can collaborate as you see fit. For maximum fun, I would advise that you take the challenge on either
alone or with one friend.
5. You should not use any memory or form of storage other than the instance of IBitStorage passed to you.
6. You can use whatever method you require in order to solve the problem as long as you use C# - therefore
you can utilize Visual Studio, Mono with Vim, .Net Core with Emacs or whatever works for you.
7. You should provide all the code needed for your submission and use only whatever C# provides in its own
8. You can submit more than once.
9. Deadline for submissions is September 11, 2016.
1. You should *not* provide a class that implements IBitStorage. If you need a sample to use for testing,
please use the BitStorage class found in the DictionaryPuzzle project.
Your submission will be ranked as follows:
- If it throws exceptions, you get a score of zero.
- If it works but you get a false-positive rate above 0.01%, you get a score of zero.
- Otherwise, your score is the following:
(0.01% - your own false-positive rate) x 1000 +
(milliseconds of the baseline implementation / milliseconds of your own implementation) x 10
Scoring example: Assuming a baseline implementation of the dictionary that takes 2 seconds to check for
a word and a submission that takes 900 milliseonds to check for a word and has a false-positive rate of
0.001%, the score is:
(0.01-0.001)x1000 + (2000/900)x10 = 9 + 22.2 = 31.2
The more your score, the better your submission is. The leaderboard found in the repository will be
kept updated with submission scores. The submission with the best score, wins. Once the challenge deadline lapses,
all submissions will be made public along with the ranking code.
If asked, a single clue will be privately provided to help you with the problem. This costs 10 points off
your final score.
The individual(s) or pair(s) with the best submission win. The winner(s) get:
- Eternal fame and mention in the Winners contest log.
- A T-shirt that will be custom to their own body size and personality (surprise).
Have fun,