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The source code for

It basically copy/pastes various robot pictures together, using bits from the SHA hash. It's not perfect, and not entirely secure, but it gives a good gut-check to "Hey, this SHA is wrong."


Just the library:

$ pip install robohash

Or if you also want the web frontend:

$ pip install robohash[web]


from robohash import Robohash

hash = "whatever-hash-you-want"
rh = Robohash(hash)
with open("path/to/new/file.png", "wb") as f:, format="png")


RoboHash comes with five image sets, named "set1", "set2", "set3", "set4" and "set5". Specify which set you want in the assemble() method. Alternatively, specify the string "any", and RoboHash will pick an image set for you, based on the provided hash.


The Python Code is available under the MIT/Expat license. See the LICENSE.txt file for the full text of this license. Copyright (c) 2011, Colin Davis.

The RoboHash images are available under license-

The "set1" artwork was created by Zikri Kader. They are available under CC-BY-3.0 or CC-BY-4.0 license.

The "set2" artwork was created by Hrvoje Novakovic. They are available under CC-BY-3.0 license.

The "set3" artwork was created by Julian Peter Arias. They are available under CC-BY-3.0 license.

The Cats/"set4" were created by David Revoy, used under CC-BY-4.0

The avatars used in "set5" were created by Pablo Stanley, for They are "Free for personal and commercial use. 😇"


OK, I'll admit I'm a crappy programmer. Compounding this, I wrote this code initially to be internal-only. It's ugly, and could be a LOT nicer.

Sorry about that.

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