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Usage: meat OPERATION [OPTIONS] [TARGET [...]]
  A simple, fast AUR helper written in bash using cower as a back end

  -h, --help              Display this help and exit
  -d, --download          Download and install target(s) -- dependencies will be
                          automatically resolved.
  -G, --git-db-update     Updates the git database with new sums, without
                          actually installing anything (unstable).
  -i, --info              Show info for target(s) -- pass twice for more detail
  -m, --msearch           Show packages maintained by target(s)
  -s, --search            Search AUR for target(s)
  -u, --update            Check for updates against AUR and install them
  -U, --listupdates       Check for updates against AUR and print them -- acts
                          the same way as cower -u

  Only one operation may be specified.

 General options:
  -f, --force             No matter what happens, keep going -- using this
                          option is not recommended
  -g, --git-check         Check and update checksums for git files. (unstable)
      --ignoregit PKG     Ignore PKG when checking for git updates. PKG is a 
                          comma-separated list of packages. May be used more
                          than once
      --ignore PKG        Ignore PKG when upgrading. PKG is a comma-separated
                          list of packages. May be used more than once
      --ignorerepo REPO   Ignore a binary repo. REPO is a comma-separated list
                          of repositories. May be used more than once
      --nossl             Do not use https connections
      --sign              Sign the resulting packages with gpg. Overrides the
                          setting in makepkg.conf(5)
      --nosign            Do not create a signature for built packages. Also
                          overrides makepkg.conf(5)
  -t, --target DIR        Download to DIR, instead of "${TMPDIR:-/tmp}"
      --threads NUM       Limit number of threads created to NUM
      --timeout NUM       Specify connection timeout in seconds
      --check-all         When installing, prompts you to check every regular
                          file in the package directory instead of just the
                          PKGBUILD and .install files
      --check-none        When installing, does not prompt you to check files

 Output options:
  -c, --color[=WHEN]
        --colour[=WHEN]   Use colored output. WHEN is `never, always, or auto'
      --debug             Show debug output
      --format STRING     Print package output according to STRING
  -q, --quiet             Output less. If both -q and -v are used, each -q is
                          equivalent to removing a -v
  -v, --verbose           Output more. May be specified multiple times for even
                          more information

  Meat accepts a list of targets, space separated. If any target is the single
  character '-', it will also read a list of packages from stdin, one per line.

  Meat honors a config file which will be looked for first at:
  And falls back to:

  A default documented example can be found at /usr/share/meat/config. If a
  config file does not exist in the above locations when meat runs, the default
  will be copied to the correct location.

  It is always recommended to do a full system update (pacman -Syu) before
  installing any new packages, or updating those from the AUR.

 See Also:
  cower(1), pacman(8)

  Copyright Daniel Mills <>
  Wraps 'cower', Copyright Dave Reisner <>
  Licensing information can be found in the source code

  Please report any bugs on Github <>


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