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Wrapper around xfreerdp to enhance default behavior
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Wrapper around xfreerdp to enhance default behavior (because nobody wants to configure a RDP client, it should just work)

It will extract current active display size and will compute 90% of this size for the remote one. It will also detect your X keyboard layout and pass the appropriate one to the remonte endpoint.

saner-xfreerdp [-h] [-d <domain>] [-u <username>] [-p <password>] [-f] -a <address>

-h for help, -f for fullscreen mode

The following options default may by set in "${HOME}/.saner-xfreerdp":

  • DOMAIN="domain"
  • USERNAME="username"
  • PASSWORD="password" (probably not a good idea to store password here)
  • KEYMAP="keymap name" (check available with xfreerdp /kbd-list, otherwise will be detected by the script)
  • DO_RESIZE=0 (do not automatically resize screen to 90% of current active display)
  • RESIZE_PERCENT=70 (resize screen to nn% instead of 90% of current active display)
  • ADD_OPTS="+clipboard +home-drive" (additional xfreerdp arguments, defaults enable clipboard and home disk sharing)

You need to logout from the remote session to get keymap updated

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