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The module exports 287 Cmdlets that can help you automate your every day tasks. The module is used in production from the eXpandFramework build scripts and Azure Tasks.

In this page you can see a list of all Cmdlets with a short description. For details and real world examples search the Wiki.


XpandPwsh is available in PSGallery. Open a PowerShell prompt and type:

Install-Module XpandPwsh

Exported Functions-Cmdlets

To list the module command issue the next line into a PowerShell prompt.

Get-XpwshCommand #alias gxcm

To display the wiki help page for a specific cmdlet from your console (tab autocompletion):

Get-XPwshHelp Get-XPwshHelp #alias gxh
Cmdlet Synopsis
Add-AssemblyBindingRedirect Adds Assembly binding redirects for a list of packages.
Add-AzBuild Add a new AzureDevOps build to a definition.
Add-AzBuildTag Tag an AzureDevOps Build.
Add-GacAssembly Install assembly into the Global Assembly Cache.
Add-GitDiff State git files using a filter.
Add-ImageAnnotation Annotate an image.
Add-NuspecDependency Adds a dependency to a Nuspec file.
Add-PackageReference Adds PackageReference to an MSBuild project.
Add-PackageReferenceNoWarning Filter out warnings for a PackageReference.
Add-ProjectBuildEvent Adds MSBuild project build PostBuildEvent, PreBuildEvent.
Add-ProjectReference Add assembly reference to an MSBuild project.
Add-XmlElement Add an XmlElement to an XmlDocument.
Approve-LastExitCode Throws if $lastExitCode is not zero.
Checkpoint-GitHubIssue Adds unique comments to a GitHub issue containing template info from related commits.
Clear-AspNetTemp Clears ASP.Net temp folders.
Clear-AzStorageBlob Clear an Azure Blob Container.
Clear-DotNetSdkFallBackFolder Clears the NugetFallbackFolders
Clear-NugetCache Clears all local nuget caches.
Clear-ProjectDirectories Removes recursively common directories like bin, obj, .vs, packages
Clear-TempFolders Clears Windows Temp folder
Close-GithubIssue Close a GitHub Issue based on its last update.
Compress-Files Compress File and Directories.
Compress-Project Compress all files for a VS Solution
Connect-Az Connects to Azure using an application secret.
ConvertTo-Dictionary Converts a pipeline to a dictionary.
ConvertTo-Directory Convert path to directory.
ConvertTo-FramedText Formats text with a customizable frame.
ConvertTo-GifFromMp4 Converts an mp4 to Gif.
ConvertTo-HttpQueryString Converts a Hastable to an HttpQueryString.
ConvertTo-Image Converts text to image with additional support for markdown.
ConvertTo-Indexed Index a pipeline output.
ConvertTo-Mp4FromGif Converts a gif to mp4
ConvertTo-Object {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
ConvertTo-PackageObject Converts nuget.exe commands output.
ConvertTo-PackageSourceLocation Finds the location of a package source registered in global Nuget.config using its name.
Disable-ExecutionPolicy {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Find-Alias CmdLet alias lookup.
Find-History Command line historical lookup.
Find-NugetPackage Fast lookup.
Find-NugetPackageInstallationFolder Finds the installation path of a nuget package out of a predefined set of directories.
Find-PaketRefs Paket references lookup.
Find-Tweet {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Find-TwitterUser {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Find-XpandNugetPackage Finds only eXpandFramework packages.
Find-XpandPackage Find eXpandFrameoWork only packages.
Format-Shuffle Shuffle a list
Format-Text Formats a text using markdown with bold support.
Format-Xml Pretty-print formatted XML source
Get-Assembly Checks if ASsembly is loaded to the AppDomain.
Get-AssemblyInfoVersion Returns the version of an AssemblyInfo.cs
Get-AssemblyMetadata Lists key/value pairs of the AssemblyMetadata attribute.
Get-AssemblyPublicKey Returns the PublicKey of an Assembly.
Get-AssemblyPublicKeyToken Returns the PublicKeyToken of an Assembly.
Get-AssemblyReference Lists Assembly references.
Get-AssemblyTargetFramework Returns the assembly target framework.
Get-AssemblyVersion Returns the Assembly Version.
Get-AzArtifact Download AzureDevOps Build artifacts.
Get-AzBuildChanges Download AzureDevOps Build artifacts.
Get-AzBuilds Lists AzureDevOps builds.
Get-AzDefinition Lists AzureDevOps definitions
Get-AzProjects Returns all projects of an AzureDevops organization
Get-AzTestRuns Lists AzureDevOps Test Runs.
Get-CallerPreference Fetches "Preference" variable values from the caller's scope.
Get-ChocoPackage {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-DevExpressPath Returns the installation paths of DevExpress found in a system.
Get-DevExpressVersion Returns the DevExpress version depending on the parameter set used.
Get-Distinct {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-DotNetCoreVersion Returns all installed sdks.
Get-DotNetTool Lists DotNet tools.
Get-DotNetVersion Lists installed DotNet versions.
Get-DXNugets Lists all assemblies in a DevExpress Nuget package.
Get-FirstOrDefaultAsync {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-GacAssembly Returns Glocal Assembly Cache Assemblies.
Get-GacAssemblyFile {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-GacAssemblyInstallReference {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-GitDiff {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-GitFile Returns a git repository files respecting a filter.
Get-GitHubClient {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-GitHubCommitIssue Lists all GitHub issues that related to a commit.
Get-GitHubIssue List Github issues for a repository.
Get-GitHubIssueComment Returns the comments of a GitHub Issue.
Get-GitHubIssueEvents Returns the events of a Github issue.
Get-GitHubLabel Lists GitHub repository labels.
Get-GitHubMilestone Returns github repository milestones.
Get-GitHubRelease Returns github repository releases.
Get-GitHubRepositoryTag Returns GitHub repository tags.
Get-GitLastSha Returns the Sha of the last git commit.
Get-GitRootDirectory Returns the root directory of a local git repository.
Get-GitTag Returns a git repository tags.
Get-GitUser Returns user, mail from git config.
Get-LatestMinorVersion List minor versions for a Nuget Package.
Get-MsBuildPath Returns the MSBuild path.
Get-MSBuildProjects Returns recursively all MSBuild for a given path.
Get-NugetInstallationFolder Retrieves the Nuget packages installation folders
Get-NugetPackage Download and extract a NuGet package without installing it.
Get-NugetPackageDependencies Lists Nuget package dependencies.
Get-NugetPackageDownloadsCount Get the downloads of a NuGet packages
Get-NugetPackageMetadataVersion {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-NugetPackageSearchMetadata Returns only the metadata of a NuGet package.
Get-NugetPath Download Nuget.exe if not exists and returns its path.
Get-PackageFeed Returns common package feeds like and Xpand.
Get-PackageReference Lists MSBuild project PackageRefence.
Get-PackageSourceLocations Returns the locations of the registered in the system package feeds.
Get-PackageTargetFramework {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-PaketDependenciesPath Finds the paket.dependecies location searching recursively upwards.
Get-PaketFiles Lists Paket files.
Get-PaketPackageRequirement Lists Paket files.
Get-ProjectTargetFramework Get the TargetFramework for an MSBuild project.
Get-ReferenceConflict List all reference conflicts for a list of assemblies.
Get-RelativePath Returns the relative path needed to move from one location to another.
Get-SymbolSources List the sources of a symbol (*.pdb)
Get-VersionPart Version formatting
Get-VideoInfo Returns video details.
Get-VSPath Returns Visual Studio location.
Get-XAFLatestMinors List latest XAF minor versions.
Get-XAFModule List XAF module c# classes in all assemblies in a folder.
Get-XafPackageNames List XAF Nuget package names for a version.
Get-XmlContent Loads an XML Document respecting namespaces.
Get-XpandNugetPackageDependencies List Xpand Nuget package dependencies.
Get-XpandPackageHome Returns the Home page of an Xpand Package.
Get-XpandPackageNames Lists Xpand package names.
Get-XpandPackages Lists all Xpand Nuget package (Release/Lab)
Get-XpandPath {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-XpandPublicKeyToken Outputs the Xpand PublicKeyToken.
Get-XpandPwshDirectoryName Outputs the XpandPwsh installation folder.
Get-XpandRelease Returns Xpand Release hashes.
Get-XpandReleaseArtifact {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Get-XpandReleaseChange Query all eXpandFramework releases.
Get-XpandRepository Clones an Xpand Repository or returns its url
Get-XpandVersion Returns eXpandFramework version for several scenarios.
Get-XPwshCommand Lists XpandPwsh Cmdlets.
Get-XpwshHelp Navigates to the online wiki page.
Import-Class Imports a Powershell class.
Install-Chocolatey {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Install-ChocoPackage Installs chocolatey and the package if not already installed.
Install-DebugOptimizationHook Installs system wide hook for disabling debugging optimizations
Install-ImageMagic Installs the ImageMagic/Ghostscript libraries and returns the executable path.
Install-NpmPackage Installs nodejs and the package.
Install-NugetPackage Install a Nuget package along with its dependencies.
Install-SubModule {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Install-Xpand This is the eXpandFramework main installer.
Invoke-AzureRestMethod Invokes Azure DevOps REST API
Invoke-NugetPack Packs a nuspec file.
Invoke-PaketAdd Adds a package with Paket.
Invoke-PaketClearCache Clears all Paket caches for a repository.
Invoke-PaketConvertFromNuget Converts all projects under a folder to Paket usage instead of Nuget.
Invoke-PaketFindVersions Search for Paket dependency Versions.
Invoke-PaketInit Create an empty paket.dependencies file in the current working directory.
Invoke-PaketInstall Compute Paket dependency graph, download dependencies and update projects.
Invoke-PaketRemove Remove a Paket dependency.
Invoke-PaketRestore Download the Paket computed dependency graph.
Invoke-PaketShowInstalled Show Paket installed top-level packages.
Invoke-PaketSimplify Simplify declared dependencies by removing transitive dependencies.
Invoke-PaketUpdate Update Paket dependencies to their latest version.
Invoke-Parallel Invokes tasks in parallel.
Invoke-Script Invokes a Powershell script with retry options.
Join-Video Joins multiple video files.
Merge-HashTables Merge HashTables.
Mount-Assembly Loads a .NET/.NETCore assembly into the AppDomain.
Move-PaketSource Replaces a Paket source in a paket.dependecy file.
New-Assembly Creates a new assembly.
New-AssemblyResolver Creates a Mono.Cecil Assembly Resolver.
New-Command Uses an external process to execute a command and captures the output.
New-GacAssemblyInstallReference {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
New-GenericObject Create .Net Generic Objects.
New-GitHubComment Post a comment to a GitHub issue
New-GithubReleaseNotes Generates GitHub Release notes.
New-GithubReleaseNotesTemplate {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
New-Image Creates a new image file.
New-MacAddress Generates a new MacAddress.
New-TwitterContext Twitter authentication.
New-TwitterFavorite Favorite a tweet.
New-Video Creates a new video out of an image.
New-XAFProject Creates a new XAF MSBuild project/solution In SDK format.
New-XpandVersionConverter Generates the Xpand.VersionConverter nuget package that will make your packages version agnostic.
Optimize-Gif Optimize size and scales a gif file.
Out-ConditionalColor Display colorized pipelined output.
Out-Variable Output a variable name and value into the verbose stream.
Out-Verbose Colored verbose stream output.
Pop-GitSSH Pull from a Git repository using SSH.
Pop-XafPackage Download all XAF packages from a package source.
Pop-XpandPackage Download all Xpand packages from a package source.
Publish-AssemblyToGac Publish assemblies to Gac.
Publish-GitHubRelease Publish a release for a Github repository.
Publish-NugetPackage Publishes a NuGet package.
Push-Git Push a Git repository to a remote using a token.
Push-GitSSH Push to a remote a Git repository using SSH.
Push-TwitterMedia {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Read-AssemblyDefinition Reads Assembly using Mono.Cecil which does not load it into the AppDomain.
Read-MSBuildProject Reads an MSBuild project using the MSBuild.Evaluation.Framework.
Remove-AzBuild Deletes an AzureDevOps build.
Remove-AzBuildInProgress Remove AzureDevOps in-progress builds.
Remove-BlankLines Removes blank lines from a files
Remove-DefaultValueKeys Removes hastable keys with default values.
Remove-GacAssembly Removes GAC Assemblies.
Remove-GitHubRelease Remove a Github release.
Remove-NugetImportsTargets Removes all Nuget Import targets from a project.
Remove-PackageReference Removes project package references.
Remove-ProjectInvalidItems Evaluates the MSBuild using Microsoft.Build.Framework and removes invalid items (Imports, Analyzers etc).
Remove-ProjectLicenseFile Removes licx files from a VS project.
Remove-ProjectReferences Removes MSBuild project references.
Remove-TwitterFavorite {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Remove-VersionConverterFlags Removes Xpand.VersionConverter flags so to repatch the assemblies.
Remove-XmlElement {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Resolve-AssemblyDependencies Resolve all referenced assemblies for a given assembly, reclusively.
Restore-GitFile Resets git file changes.
Restore-ProjectReference Replace Nuget packages with project references.
Save-Xml Saves an Xml Document.
Send-Retweet Retweets a tweet.
Send-Tweet Create a new tweet.
Send-TweetDirectMessage Send a direct message to another user.
Set-AssemblySignature Sign an assembly.
Set-NugetCentralizeManagement {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Set-ProjectRestoreLockedMode {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Set-VsoVariable Set an AzureDevOps variable.
Split-GifToImages {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Split-Video Splits a video to multiple files.
Start-Build Builds solutions and projects.
Start-EasyTest Execute DevExpress XAF EasyTests.
Start-NugetRestore Restores the Nuget packages.
Start-PipelineTasks {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Start-SelfElevate Elevates the current powershell session
Start-SqlLocalDB Starts Sql-Server LocalDB.
Start-XpandProjectConverter Updates DevExpress version in all projects inside a folder, treats *.proj, *.config, *.aspx files.
Submit-GitStage Stage all Git unstaged files.
Switch-DevExpress Switch csproj DevExpress references to Nuget packages
Switch-ToPackageReference Replace MSBuild project references with Nuget package references.
Test-AssemblyNameFullyQualified {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Test-AssemblyReference Lists assemblies that do not match the VersionFilter.
Test-AzDevops Test if script is running on AzureDevOps environment.
Test-ChocoInstalled {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Test-GacAssemblyInstallReferenceCanBeUsed {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Test-GitRepoIsValid Test if folder is a valid git repository.
Test-ProjectSdk Test is MSBuild project uses the SDK format.
Test-Symbol Checks if the symbol is valid for a given assembly.
Test-TwitterCredentials {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Test-Version Test a string if it is a valid System.Version.
Uninstall-AllModules Uninstall all Powershell modules.
UnInstall-DotnetCoreSdk UnInstall a DotnetCoreSdk.
Uninstall-ProjectAllPackages Uninstall all NuGet and their dependencies from a project.
UnInstall-Xpand Uninstall eXpandFramework project.
Unprotect-SecretVariable Displays a secret variable value.
UnPublish-NugetPackage Unpublish Nuget packages from a source.
Update-AppendTargetFrameworkToOutputPath Update MSBuild projects AppendTargetFrameworkToOutputPath property.
Update-AssemblyInfo Updates the AssemblyInfo.cs version
Update-AssemblyInfoVersion Updates the AssemblyInfo.cs version
Update-AzBuild Update an AzureDevops build.
Update-GenerateAssemblyInfo {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Update-GitHubIssue Update a GitHub issue.
Update-HintPath Update VS project HintPath.
Update-NugetPackage Update VS project NuGet packages to their latest version found from all registered in the system sources.
Update-NugetProjectVersion Update the version found in AssemblyInfo.cs looking in Git history for any midification since the last tag.
Update-Nuspec {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Update-OutputPath Updates VS project output path.
Update-ProjectAutoGenerateBindingRedirects Enables AutoGenerateBindingRedirects for a VS project.
Update-ProjectCopyRight {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Update-ProjectDebugSymbols Enable Debug Symbols for a VS Project.
Update-ProjectLanguageVersion Update Project language version to Latest
Update-ProjectNoWarn {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Update-ProjectPackage Calls the Update-NugetPackage cmdlet from inside VS Package Manager Console
Update-ProjectProperty Update a VS project property.
Update-ProjectSign Signs a VS project.
Update-ProjectTargetFramework Update the Target Framework in a MSBuild project.
Update-Symbols Index symbols to local or remote locations.
Update-Version Update version parts.
Use-MonoCecil Loads the Mono.Cecil assembly.
Use-MSBuildFramework {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Use-NugetAssembly {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Use-NugetConfig {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}
Use-Object Disposes a disposable object, same as c# using keyword.
Wait-Task Wait for a task to complete. Similar to c# await keyword.
Write-HostFormatted Text formatting.
Write-PSCmdLetBegin {{ Fill in the Synopsis }}