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Impact Evaluation of the Special Program for Employment of Student (SPES) Innovations for Poverty Action

PIs: Emily Beam

Nathanael Goldberg

Leigh Linden

Stella Quimbo

Documents prepared by Heather Richmond and Emily Beam

For questions regarding data and documentation, contact Emily Beam at

Last Updated: 11 June 2018

This set of data files include the raw data produced from the baseline and endline surveys. Additionally, accompanying do-files generate the tables that are used in the final report


  1. Unzip the in the usedata folder.
  2. In the master do-file (`0 update the global pathways to reflect your local directories.
  3. Ensure required packages are installed.
  4. Run the remaining commands within the master do-file to recreate the analysis. Note that generates surveydata_full_clean.dta, which is the main data file used in regressions.

Included Data (usedata)

  1. surveydata_full_initialize.dta : This is the cleaned, merged, baseline and endline data set
  2. terminal_summary.dta: Terminal report data needed for Figure 6, final report.
  3. SPESBenefsandBudget.pdf: This is the data for Figure 11, final report.


  • outreg2 is required to output regression tables

Replication Details

Table Details Do-files Output
Table 1 Timeline N/A N/A
Table 2 PESO distribution N/A N/A
Table 3 Treat/control distribution descriptive_stats_Oct2017 Results window
Table 4 Balance balance_means.xls
Table 5 Data collected N/A N/A
Table 6 Reasons for attrition descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/AttritReason
Table 7 Endline attrition descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/attrition
Table 8 Attrition predictors regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 attrition.xls
Table 9 SPES Take-up descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/Take_up
Table 10 Distribution of tasks descriptive_stats_Oct2017 Results window
Table 11 Time to payment Results window
Table 12 Educ characteristics, sample type descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/Desc_edu
Table 13 Educ characteristics, ed/SPES descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/Desc_edu
Table 14 Educ. outcomes regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 regressions_fullsample_edu.xls
Table 15 Educ. outcomes, heterog. regressions_het_edu_Oct2017 regressions_subgroups_edu.xls
Table 16 Reasons not enrolled descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/Why_not_enrolled
Table 17 Work task outcomes regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 regressions_fullsample_workreadinesstasks.xls
Table 18 Work readiness outcomes regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 regressions_fullsample_workreadinessindices.xls
Table 19 Aspirations outcomes regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 regressions_fullsample_aspirations.xls
Table 20 Current emp. outcomes regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 regressions_fullsample_work.xls
Table 21 Past emp. outcomes regressions_fullsample_Oct2017 regressions_fullsample_work.xls
Table 22 Emp. outcomes, heterog. regressions_het_work_Oct2017 regressions_subgroups_employment.xls
Table 23 Income and desc. stat. descriptive_stats_Oct2017 descriptive_stats2.xls/Desc_other
Figure Details Do-files Output
Fig. 1 Timeline N/A N/A
Fig. 2 Map N/A N/A
Fig. 3 Age distribution figures/_bb_age.png
Fig. 4 Grade level figures/_eduyear.png
Fig. 5 - 10 figures/figures3-10.xls
Fig. 11 SPES budget and beneficiaries Documents/SPES Benefs and Budget N/A



Impact Evaluation of the Special Program for Employment of Students



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