Vanilla is a simple hypertext system (read: Wiki) written in REBOL.
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  Copyright (C) 2000-2009 by Andreas Bolka, Christian Langreiter
  Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.0.

  What is it?

  Vanilla is a simple, extensible hypertext system and framework for
  developing simple web-applications.

  Vanilla's conceptual roots lie in Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb, an idea
  Vanilla fully embraced.

  Through extension mechanisms, Vanilla also provides Weblog functionality.
  This breed of software (wiki/weblog cross-over) is now commonly referred to
  as Bliki - and as far as we know Vanilla was the first of its kind.

  Downloads, Documentation, Installation, Usage

  For all things Vanilla have a look at <URL:>.
  There you should find almost all needs satisfied. And for the needs that
  remain unsatisfied, you'll find information where and whom to ask.


  Vanilla is licensed under the terms of the Academic Free License version
  2.0. Please see the accompanying LICENSE.txt file or visit

  Vanilla is OSI Certified Open Source Software.