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BSTestRunner is an extension to the Python standard library's unittest module. It generates easy to use HTML test reports.
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BSTestRunner is bootstrap3 version of HTMLTestRunner

Now support both python2 and python3


How to use

A TestRunner for use with the Python unit testing framework. It generates a HTML report to show the result at a glance.

The simplest way to use this is to invoke its main method. E.g.

import unittest
import BSTestRunner

if __name__ == '__main__':

For more customization options, instantiates a BSTestRunner object. BSTestRunner is a counterpart to unittest's TextTestRunner. E.g.

# output to a file
fp = file('my_report.html', 'wb')
runner = BSTestRunner.BSTestRunner(
            title='My unit test',
            description='This demonstrates the report output by BSTestRunner.'

# Use an external stylesheet.
# See the Template_mixin class for more customizable options
runner.STYLESHEET_TMPL = '<link rel="stylesheet" href="my_stylesheet.css" type="text/css">'

# run the test
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