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EasyPost ❤️ Developer Experience

From our inception, we’ve developed open-source libraries, tools, and documentation to help our users hit the ground running. The world of shipping is hard; it’s our mission to make it easy. With our unified API, we’ve abstracted the difficulties of integrating with multiple parcel carriers so you can speak the same language to all of them. Pair it with our feature-rich and reliable client libraries and comprehensive documentation and examples, and you’ll be shipping in minutes, not months.

Open Source at EasyPost

With more than 80% of all requests originating from our client libraries on a regular basis, we know it’s important for developers to have an easy way of jumping into our API quickly:

We contribute to other open-source tools we rely on to build and run EasyPost, while also maintaining our own open-source projects. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • beancmd (Simple tool for interacting with beanstalkd instances)
  • easy_stalk (A simple beanstalkd client for ruby)
  • easy-ui (EasyPost Design System)
  • easyvcr-csharp (Record and Replay HTTP interactions like a VCR)
  • easyvcr-java (Record and Replay HTTP interactions like a VCR)
  • pystalk (Simple python Beanstalkd client)
  • rmmm (Rust MySQL Migration Manager)
  • rust-mysql-binlog (Rust implementation of the MySQL binlog format)
  • shentry (Sentry wrapper for shell script invocations)
  • toggles (YAML backend feature toggles)

We also feel it’s important to share what we’ve learned with the world. Our Engineering Blog will give you a monthly update to keep you informed of our latest findings.

Getting Started

Signup for EasyPost

Signup for free and start shipping today! Set up your account to create labels, upload a CSV, and use our powerful API to integrate with dozens of carriers to ship, track, and insure your packages.

Careers at EasyPost

Interested in what we are up to? We are always looking for talented, passionate people to join our team. Check out career opportunities on our careers page.


  1. easypost-ruby easypost-ruby Public

    EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for Ruby

    Ruby 108 78

  2. easypost-python easypost-python Public

    EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for Python

    Python 107 55

  3. easypost-node easypost-node Public

    EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for Node

    JavaScript 138 53

  4. easypost-php easypost-php Public

    PHP client for EasyPost API

    PHP 166 57

  5. easypost-java easypost-java Public

    EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for Java

    Java 54 37

  6. easypost-csharp easypost-csharp Public

    EasyPost Shipping API Client Library for .NET and .NET Framework applications

    C# 65 73


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